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Good Market was started to help speed up the transition to a new economy that is good for people and good for the planet. The goal is to make the movement more visible and make it easier for everyone to find, connect, and exchange with each other. Here are some ways to get involved to co- create a beater world.

The new economy movement is emerging because millions of us are choosing to prioritize people and planet in our daily lives and in our work.

• We choose to prioritize wellbeing, relationships, caregiving, time in nature, creating, civic engagement, and other ways of living that are undervalued in the old system.
• We choose to buy less but buy better. We source from, partner with, work for, invest in, and support new economy enterprises.
• We choose to participate in groups and networks that are catalyzing change. We share information, collaborate, and take collective action

If you’re part of an initiative that prioritizes people and the planet, apply and become Good Market Approved. Here are reasons that other community members said they applied:
• Increase the visibility of their work, their community, and the broader global movement
• Be recognized as Good Market Approved
• Add products, services, events, campaigns, investment opportunities, vacancies, and other offers to the community marketplace
• Find new suppliers, service providers, and partners
• Share information and connect with other like-minded groups
• Access opportunities that use Good Market as primary curation


Good Market is a shared resource developed by and for the people who use it. Enterprises and individuals that contribute resources or time are recognized as Cocreators and are able to participate in decision making and governance.

• Contribute resources by supporting, subscribing, or investing
• Contribute time by inviting new community members, participating in the PGS farm visits, or share your learnings with community
• By becoming a Cocreator, you accelerate the development of new services and enable the platform to remain self-sustaining, community-governed, and free for low-income initiatives from marginalized communities.


The Good Market was designed to support social networks. This includes communities of place that focus on a local geographical area and communities of practice that come together around a common purpose or a shared structure, service, or practical challenge.

If you are already part of a network, you can use the Good Market platform to amplify your work and collaborate with others. If you’re not part of a community yet, you can use it to find and connect with existing networks, or join together with others and build your own .

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